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One Revolution of the Surface Treatment of Aluminum Section Material
The YH-series sand blast machine is the first to be designed in the world by using the principle of matrix pressure equalizing, not only meeting the requirements for high quality and cost reduction of aluminum section material products, but also filling in the blank of this product.
The YH-series mechanical sand blast machine for aluminum section material has the following characteristics:
The lowest one-time equipment investment, the lower cost of operation and the fastest recovery of the equipment cost have ensured the improvement of the economic benefits of an aluminum material producer fundamentally. According to different models and different types of material, it can, within 30 seconds, process 1-3 bars of 6-meter-long section material at one time on four sides, while among such foreign products with the same price, the great majority process material on one side. The YH model uses the internationally advanced principle of matrix pressure equalizing gas blowout, technically, ensuring the effect of the evenness of mechanical sand blast, and effectively overcoming the phenomenon of deformation after the processing by a similar sand blast machine. This apparatus requires that the thickness of aluminum section material is more than 0.8 millimeters, and after blasting treatment, the section material will not be out of shape. Compared with alkaline etching, the requirement of this apparatus for the quality of aluminum section material is comparatively loose. The quality of the apparatus is guaranteed and its production performance steady, and it has succeeded in being put into operation in more than 100 aluminum section material factories at home and is exported to a lot of countries in Southeast Asia.
Contrast of the Direct Production Costs of Mechanical Blasting Treatment and Those of Alkaline Etching Treatment
Standard and data of the cost of alkaline etching treatment Index and data of the cost of mechanical blasting treatment
Consumption of aluminum 40Kg/t×18Yuan/kg=720Yuan/t Consumption of aluminum 6Kg/t×18Yuan/kg=108Yuan/t
Consumption of alkali 40Kg/t×2Yuan/kg=80Yuan/t Consumption of alkali 10Kg/t×2Yuan/kg=20Yuan/t
Consumption of alkaline etching agent 6Kg/t×7Yuan/kg=42Yuan/t Consumption of alkaline etching agent 2Kg/t×7Yuan/kg=14Yuan/t
    Electric charge 40KWH/t×0.8Yuan/KWH=32Yuan/t
    Labor cost 20Yuan/t
    Dismantlement and quick-wear parts 10Yuan/t
    Special sand 4Kg/t×18Yuan/kg=72Yuan/t
Total 842Yuan/t Total 236Yuan/t
According to the contrast of the above data, for the blasting treatment of one ton of product, the cost is RMB236, and the cost for the chemical etching of one ton is RMB842, saving RMB606/ ton by contrast.
Table of Indexes of YH-Series Sand Blast Machine
Technical indicator YH2011-2B
Mode of conveyance Flat pressure conveyance
Feeding inlet and outlet 500×200
Quantity of spray nozzles 20
Number of produced material at a time 14
Size of section material to be processed 250×110
Quantity of sand to be loaded at a time 1000Kg
Total power 90Kw
Monthly production capacity 800t
Total weight 13t
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