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Thermal-cutting machine
The Energy-saving envionmentally-friendly gas-burning double-row longitudinal aluminum-rod thermal-cutting heating furnace is a product developed by integrating such features as the energy-conservation and environmental protection of the European furnace and the safety of the American furnace, and by combining the national conditions of China. It has been proved through the use by our group and our counterparts many years that this product is a good helper for enhancing your enterprise’s image, raising product quality, energy-conservation and environmental protection.

The part of intelligent master control uses Japanese Mitsubishi’s FXZN-128MR PLC、8A/D temperature controllers and frequency converters of the FR500 series to control the amount of air. The GOT940-serie man-machine interface can control temperature, alter parameters, send out alarms and display temperature at real time. The gas-burning system uses the GUS-series products of the brand of Huolede of Germany. The GFK filtering system, GDJ all-furnace pressure-stabilizing system, VG gas switch system, DKR serial high-temperature air currents control system, ZKH ignition burner, VSBV gas relief valve, intelligent AM-series (Germany-made) pressure speed controller, 2A/D is digital control, GT electrodynamic actuator, and the JH-1 , JH-2 and JH-3 modules of our factory’s own intellectual property right, ensure the exactness of combustion, and the unique double-row longitudinal heating form lengthens the time of heating and guarantees the evenness of the temperature of rod.
Diameter(mm) Consumption of gas(nm3/t) Calefaction time: room temperature→480℃(min)
φ73-90 17.9 45
φ91-105 17 48
φ106-120 16.2 50
φ121-135 16 52
φ136-150 15.8 53
φ151-165 15.7 55
φ166-180 15.5 57
φ181-200 15.5 60
φ201-220 15.3 66
φ221-240 15.1 70
φ241-270 15.1 72
φ271-300 15 75
φ300以上 Please contact us
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